Visitor Check-In App: Does Your Office Need It?

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Having a big office means more responsibility. Apart from handling your business, you also need to take care of all the other important things going on in your office building. For example, you have a very good idea about the number of employees present in your office. But do know how many visitors are there onsite?

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Companies usually have security guards and receptionists to keep track of all the people entering the office in a day. Security guards are placed at the entrance of the office where they check visitor badges and IDs. Many companies, especially the smaller ones opt for the guest registration method to save extra costs. But with the help of a visitor sign-in app, you cannot only protect your intellectual property and people but also boost your productivity. Also, the method is cost-effective.

Reasons to use a check-in app

Using iLobby Software for managing your check-ins can prove to be useful in many ways. Here are some of the main reasons why you should use a check-in app.

  1. Productivity

Most of the offices these days are equipped with self-help tools and automation technologies. A check-in app allows visitors to check-in themselves. The system notifies the employees instantly. This helps in reducing distractions and thus, increases productivity.

  • Safety

You need to make your employees feel safe within the office building. They shouldn’t be working in fear of someone randomly walking in the office. They should be given the satisfaction that every individual entering the office has been granted permission.

  • Impress visitors

By installing a check-in app at the entrance of your office, you don’t have to make them sign a paper or wait until the reception finds someone to permit them. This will create a lasting impression on your visitors.

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Features of a check-in app

You should know that every check-in app developed is different. However, some of the main features that are shared by almost every check-in app include.

  1. User-friendly

If you are installing a check-in app for your visitor, you need to make sure that the technology is easy for them to use. Everyone in your office should know how to use it. If needed, show the app around in the office for everyone to learn to use it.

  • Visitor badges

Visitor badges help your employees to understand that a person who they do not know has been granted permission to enter the office. The app should be able to capture their pictures to be added to the visitor badge.

  • Notification alerts

As soon as there is a visitor, your employees will be notified instantly. This will distract them less and thus, they will focus more on their work.

  • Visitor logbook

With the help of a check-in app, you can collect information of all your visitors in a usable and legible manner.

In today’s time, if you are not using a digital receptionist then you are lagging in time. Having a check-in app will help you save both your time and money.