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ogr2gui is an application used to convert and manipulate geospatial data. It is based on ogr2ogr, a command line utility from the "Geospatial Data Abstraction Library” (gdal.org).

Through its graphical user interface, ogr2gui gives all the power of ogr2ogr without worrying about its complex syntax. It brings speed, efficiency and simplicity to its users.

ogr2gui is a free, open source project released under GPL License. Note that Inventis will not support the project anymore due to a lack of time - and the absence of a community of developpers. You're invited to fork the project for your own purpose!

final release [version 0.6]

This version uses Nokias' QT platform and add support to database formats such as Oracle Spatial and PostgreSQL. We also add support for .gmt, .gpx, .gxt, GeoJSON and FME Objects Gateway formats. [view screenshots]

Download source code - ogr2gui_0.6_src.tar.gz (225 Kb)
Download executable - ogr2gui_0.6.zip (4.9 Mb)
Download databases dlls - ogr2gui_dll.zip (1,2 Mb)
Docs - online

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